Jackson v. Jackson (2008) CanLII 3222, O.J. No. 342, 50 R.F.L. (6th) 149 (Ont. S.C.)

Jackson v. Jackson, is another high-conflict custody and access decision. The decision is of note for the detail and care Justice John Murray took reviewing the social science literature on high-conflict divorce and its effect on children. In our view it is a must-read for any lawyer involved in high-conflict cases and a case that should be provided to clients who go down the high-conflict road.


Potter v. Da Silva (2014) ONCJ 302

Parties were never married and the mother was making a claim for custody and child support. In Answer, the Respondent father asked for joint-shared custody and more time with the child. The Office of the Children’s Lawyer (OCL) appointed a social worker to investigate and she recommended 50-50 shared custody.


Menegaldo v. Menegaldo (2012) ONSC 2915

(2940 revised terms)

Husband brought motion to terminate or vary spousal support — Motion to vary spousal support was based, in part, on alleged alienating behaviour by wife after parties were divorced — Motion dismissed — Just as spousal conduct during marriage could not be considered in determination of entitlement to support, nor could spousal conduct after marriage — The phrase “spousal misconduct in relation to the marriage” in ss. 15.2(5) and 17(6) of Divorce Act encompasses spousal misconduct relating to custody of and access to children of marriage, including parental alienation of children